Wednesday, March 12
The #100000Names campaign will begin in front of the White House. CLICK HERE to sign-up.

Thursday-Friday, March 13-14
Syria Advocacy Days in Congress/the White House. CLICK HERE to register.

Saturday, March 15
11-2pm: Rally at the White House
2:30-5pm: Lunch & Guest Speakers
6-10pm: ARCS United for Syria Fundraising Dinner

Sunday, March 16
9-10:15am: CDS Advocacy Workshop
10:30-11:45am: ARCS Humanitarian Workshop 
12-3:00pm:Women's Conference

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Qusai Zakarya

Citizen journalist from Moadamiya, Syria, who brought the story of besieged Moadamiya to the world. Qusai embarked on a 33 day hunger strike and triggered an international solidarity hunger strike calling for an end to the brutal siege of cities across Syria.

Raed Fares

Director of the Kafranbel Media office in liberated Syria. The mastermind behind Kafranbel's famous banners, political cartoons, and protests. Raed Fares survived an assassination attempt, presumably ISIS, on January 29th, 2014

Moussa Alomar

Syrian journalist and former presenter for Alhiwar Channel.began his career as journalist and presenter for "Sham TV," and he was one of the founders of the channel before it was closed down by Syrian authorities in 2006.

Mulham Aljundi

Media and humanitarian activist who was shot by Assad forces during his coverage of the events in Homs in 2012. Mulham was the manager of the Watan-Syria office in Reyhanli, Turkey

Ameenah Sawwan

Syrian revolutionary activist from besieged Moadamiya, massacre witness, and survivor of Assad's chemical attacks. 

Omar Offendum

Syrian-American Hip-Hop artist, known for taking audiences on a lyrical journey from the jasmine-tree-lined courtyards of Nizar Qabbani's Damascene homes, to the flooded riverbanks of Langston Hughes' Harlem Renaissance poem

Yahya Hawwa

Syrian revolutionary singer, Yahya, sings songs mainly focus on human rights, human issues and political issues, faith, and spirituality.

Dylan Connor

Singer and songwriter, Dylan is the first and only American artist to be singing in protest of the current humanitarian crisis in Syria. In Dec 2011, he released a fundraising single for Syria entitled 'Feza Feza' (which means 'help help').

Amal Kassir

Syrian-American spoken word artist. Amal's Project More Than Metaphors aspires to use words and poetry to help Syrian children deal with the trauma they've experienced in their young lives.

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